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More Than Just a Dog

We fell in love in 2009 and never looked back. French Bulldogs stole our heart and have become an extension to our family as our children grew into adults and began lives of their own. Having the ability to apply the knowledge we’ve gained from working as a Police K-9 handler has helped us develop a unique and loving approach to training, behavior, and temperament with all of our French Bulldogs. When our puppies go to their new homes we are confident they will not only be loving, but also be loved in return.


We approach most things in life with honesty and we believe our transparent process brings a strong sense of integrity to how we raise our canine family. We take great pride in the quality of our puppies as well as our approach to how they are raised.


We take great pride in everything we do from our ethical breeding process and the quality of puppies to the level of care and love we devote to each of our puppies as well as our own dogs. We take great lengths to ensure quality of dog as well as quality of life for each of our family members.


Our puppies are more than just puppies, and we believe building relationships with our families not only brings a sense of confidence to the buyer, but allows us to open a connection to a long lasting support system for any and all of our French Bulldogs.


Our dogs are not just breed animals; they are loved, cared for, and doted upon every day. We believe that breeding French Bulldogs comes with a very large responsibility to make sure our animals are healthy and loved from the moment they are born and never used irresponsibly.


From the smallest detail to the largest, part of our process is meticulously documenting every piece of information. We want you to feel the connection with your new family member even before you meet, and know in your heart you are bringing home a happy, healthy companion.


Every single one of our puppies comes to you from a home full of unconditional love. Each of our own dogs lives within a family surrounded by people who not only value their monetary worth, but their personalities and hysterical antics. Above all things, we love our French Bulldog family.